By Zlatica "ZK" Kraljevic

The Borderless Leadership Workshop is designed for executive teams that understand the need to break away from obsolete business practices and acquire the personal and business skills necessary to succeed in today’s borderless society. 

Who Should Attend:

  • CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, COOs, Regional Vice Presidents and Country Managers with responsibilities for international operations.

  • Entrepreneurs with a vision for international expansion.

It Answers Questions Like:

  • How has the market changed in the last few decades?

  • What are the most common mistakes companies make?

  • How to manage a global workforce?

  • What is success and why is it important to fail?   

  • What are the new tenets of global success?

  • How to commoditize international business?

Today’s Challenges:

  • As a business leader, you are hard pressed to achieve continuous success. Internationally, you are expected to deliver results under any circumstance. 

  • At the same time the world has become a complex and highly diverse market in terms of ethnicity, education, preferences, politics and economics.

  • Traditional business practices are obsolete as new markets continue to reshape the way to do business. 

  • Companies struggle to come up with new business models. 

Updated Global Thinking:

  • Smart companies and executives realize the need to replace an obsolete mindset with a new way of thinking, better aligned with today’s realities, to make better decisions.

  • Global skills can transform you from an outsider looking in to an effective leader in today’s new world of global business.

For more on how smart companies succeed in today’s market consider: “Borderless Leadership: Global Skills for Personal and Business Success.”